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ICT in Education

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). You know they are a set of services, networks, software and devices; which are aimed at improving the quality of life of people within a work environment (education), and that complement an interconnected and complementary information system.

In the last 10 years they have tried to implement ICT in education and so far it has been partially added in universities and schools. This is because teachers do not have the necessary training to use them in classes, which generates a counterproductive effect on student learning.

But what are ICTs?

They are places where Information and Communication have been increased thanks to the progress of technology; creating what is known under the name of ICT or Information and Communication Technologies. Which have upset the information transmission procedures. ICTs have given us access to infinite events in which distance is no longer a wall, for communication, and the development of actions between people located in a different physical space.

But what are ICT in Education?

They are an accumulation of tools or resources of a technological and communicative type. They serve to provide the manifestation, route and process of the information through varied codes, which correspond to texts, images, audios, among others. As is common in any communication issue, there is the manifestation of a message, and in the case of ICT. This message corresponds to data and instructions, sent from one interested party to another through a digital channel or hardware.

How can we Apply ICT in Classrooms?

The benefits of ICT are endless for both parties, students and teachers, but if these techniques are not used regularly they can be very confusing. Therefore, below you can get all the information you need about its benefits.

  • Simplify evaluations. Normally the procedure for correcting assessments tends to be very heavy and slow, mainly for teachers who teach different subjects. Therefore, when implementing ICTs in the classroom, the evaluation process is more affordable and faster than ever. For this, there are different platforms that facilitate this procedure, where you can simply send your student via email a test and when he finishes answering the same the platform will inform you and send the student’s answers through it.
  • Promotes group work and cooperative learning. One of the most powerful virtues that an individual must have is the ability to work as a team and reach agreements with other people. In this way you can achieve all the objectives you want and increase overall productivity. Remember that when you are in the labor field the most important thing is teamwork, since without it you will not be able to have a range of opportunities in the labor market. Making interactions with the number of people online will generate an excellent opportunity that will allow you to share experiences, discuss and contribute ideas. This will create in the individual the ability to identify a problem in a group and solve it more effectively.
  • Improve teacher-student communications. ICT in education has generated a great improvement in the interactions between teachers and students, as well as communications with the students’ families. These communications can be made through private chats, by mail or publications in groups. Some years ago, it was very difficult to communicate with the students after completing the classes, but at present they can send them the information in a matter of seconds. It is recommended that when making these interactions be careful with the information sent. Likewise; It is pertinent that you keep in mind that these messages should not be sent constantly, because this can cause discomfort and fatigue on the part of the students. On the other hand; If, in making these communications, the information given is relevant and focused on helping the student, you can enrich and facilitate the student’s learning process effectively.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of ICT

The importance of ICT. It is intensely broad, reaching impact on important sectors of today’s society; such as the economic, social, educational field, etc. There are delimited superiorities that its use can provide to each of these areas.

But nevertheless; It is possible to specify some of the universal advantages and disadvantages, which may arise from the application of these technologies.

Advantages of ICT in Education

They provide long distance communication. Each time the barriers that soften the interaction between one and the other are low; Well, information and communication technologies; They have made it possible to exchange messages remotely and instantly.

They offer full access to lush and varied information. All this thanks to the great advance of ICT, we are more aware of what happens anywhere on earth. In addition to having information from many sources, which revolves around the same content. This being the great advantage for the educational field, since school students can have a greater amount of useful content for their training.

They approve that actions or operations that were usually carried out in a present way, now occur through the network.

Disadvantages of ICT in Education

ICT has upset the customs of learning. Integrating the education provided through books and school magazines; providing student access; to a greater mass of information and promoting their creativity and initiative.

Extensive and convenient access to networks; especially on the Internet, it can be a distraction entity for students. Who can miss the interest in the study, leaning towards the distraction that technologies can deliver.

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