If you Use Gmail know these 10 Tips and Tricks – Tech 4 Educators

If you Use Gmail know these 10 Tips and Tricks

If you Use Gmail know these 10 Tips and Tricks | Tech 4 Educators

If you Use Gmail know these 10 Tips and Tricks

If you Use Gmail know these 10 Tips and Tricks

But what is Gmail? Gmail is a well-known name in the world of electronic mail. In today’s ‘smart’ round, emails like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail are also available, but the popularity of Google Gmail is not hidden from anyone. This is a free mail service for the user, which is used both personally and professionally. There are many techniques and tricks associated with Gmail, with the help of which you can make the mailing easier and more convenient. Let us know that the Gmail service started in April 2004, after which your user has continued to increase.

Let’s learn more about the tips and tricks that will make your Gmail experience better than ever.

If you Use Gmail, Use Google Calendar

If you use Gmail and do not remember daily use, this feature may be useful. You can add the Google Calendar feature to a Gmail account. This is a feature of Gmail Labs. For this, you have to go to Settings – Labs. When downloading to the Google Calendar gadget, they must be enabled. After that, you must click on «Save changes». After alarming you, the Google Calendar gadget will begin to appear in your inbox.

Email programming

Do you know that, like tweets and Facebook posts, you can also schedule Gmail. You should get help from https://www.boomeranggmail.com/ Boomerang Gmail. In it, you can write your email and set the deadline for resubmission. This feature does not yet exist in Gmail. As we said before, you must install Boomerang Gmail. After installation, the user gets the Send button later.

With Gmail, you run more than one account together

This feature is not known by most Gmail users and is altered in different browsers. For this, you must go to the profile icon, which is in the upper right. You need to touch the option ‘Ad account’. You can manage more than one account by entering ID and password here. In this way, several accounts can be managed by going from one tab to another.

Eyelash removal not mandatory

If you want to remove unwanted tabs such as primary, social, promotion, updates and forums in Gmail, there is also a solution for that. You can paste the tabs you want to remove by going to Settings – Inbox – categories.

Has anyone else played the account?

If you suspect someone has opened your Gmail account, someone has tried to loot it. Then you can verify The main page has the option of ‘Activity of the last account’ at the bottom. You can get information about the browser, the IP address and the time, by going to the details here.

If you Use Gmail, Turn on notifications in Gmail

Through this trick, Gmail users receive notifications about their activities. To activate this, ‘Settings – General – Desktop Notifications’ needs to be activated. If necessary, it can be easily turned off.

Add topic, if you Use Gmail

If you have grown bored of seeing Gmail with the same color and design every day, then this trick will work. For this, you can go to ‘Settings – Themes – Set theme’ and decorate your Gmail with the theme you want.

Number of messages in the Gmail inbox

Generally, there are 50 messages in the Gmail inbox. If you want to increase your numbers and want to see more about a message, there is also a plan for that. Go to ‘Settings – General – Maximum page size’. Here you can increase and decrease the number of messages according to the page.

Send previously written answers

If you want to give specific answers to someone already written in Gmail, there is an option. For this, go to ‘Configuration – Labs – Enabled Kannada Responses’. Through this function, you can give your previously written response as a response.

If you Use Gmail, you can send large files

The limit to send data to Gmail is 25 MB, if the previous data is going to be sent, the option is available. You can send files of up to 10 GB through Google Drive, for which you do not have to pay any additional charges. Click on Google Drive, select the file and attach it by email to the respective recipient.

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