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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts | Tech 4 Educators

Keyboard shortcuts to help improve our searches in browsers

Keyboard Shortcuts

I will tell you my experience when using the Internet and search for a word or a topic of great importance. For that I’m going to give some tips to make this easier when using our computer or laptop to perform a search in any browser we trust; This can also be improved with the use of shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts that facilitate and speed up Internet browsing.

The commands that I will present to you next, are those that I use in my daily work and they are very useful to me. They work in the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. They can be used in any operating system.

These are the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • To Change between the tabs: Ctrl + «Number 1 to 8»
  • To move to the last tab: Ctrl + 9
  • Switch between the open tabs: Ctrl + Tab
  • Close the open tab: Ctrl + W
  • Close all tabs: Ctrl + Shift + W
  • Reopen the last closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • Add the site to favorites: Ctrl + D
  • Add all open tabs to favorites: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • To see all the downloads made: Ctrl + J
  • To see the History: Crtl + H
  • Update the page: Ctrl + R or F5
  • To perform the search for a word: Crtl + F
  • To open a new tab: Crtl + T
  • Return to the last open page: Alt + Arrow left or right
  • Go to the top of the page: Start
  • Go to the end of the page: End or End
  • Activates full screen mode: F11
  • Return on the page up: Shift + Spacebar
  • Roll the page down: Space bar + Page Down key.

Have I missed any keyboard shortcuts?

These are some of the keyboard shortcuts, which I use daily and can be very useful for you. If you know of a shortcut that is not on this list, contact us to add it (I know you can do it looking for it in Google, but by sending me that shortcut you help me and all those who come behind.

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