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As the new year of 2019 began, there also began a rise in new internet users from all over the world. Especially from Southeast Asia, where the internet has become extremely affordable.

The SEO experts around the world, have analysed the boom and the needs of the new users, and have set in motion new trends for accumulating much more organic traffic to their websites.

Now one may ask, “What are these trends exactly?”. We often visit websites which load fast, provide a better interface, well-optimised pages and more importantly are ‘unique’.

These are some brief techniques to generate more organic traffic: –

Understanding the type of media the visitors of your website preferences. Does your page get more activity on your audios, videos, images or just plain text?

Understanding this is crucial as you can then pump more of the similar media to increase activity on your page.

Is your content unique?

As obvious as it is, real humans spend more time learning about new things. Is your page providing new things? Or are you just following behind another successful page? Think about it. Work for it, and make original and new content that people will be interested in.

Provide them with content they wouldn’t find elsewhere. And friends, Google increases traffic to sites that provide quality content. Uniqueness brings out quality. Keep that in mind.


Not eat, but E-A-T, abbreviation to Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. You may get the organic traffic you desired, but will the users return? Why wouldn’t they return?

Nobody likes fake news and grammatical mistake!

That’s why. Make sure that your page doesn’t contain false facts, and even more importantly doesn’t have any grammatical errors. Your facts may be correct, but your grammar isn’t, well good luck trying to convey the facts properly.

Have you invested enough in technical SEO?

As websites grow more complex every day, the pages tend to take longer times to load. No one would wait an eternity for a website when they can just jump to another.

Speed: – Make sure your page doesn’t take up all the space in the world to load simple content.

JavaScript: – If you don’t know about JavaScript, then you’ve probably done your page wrong until now. JavaScript is what makes your page immersive and interesting. It is better to learn a little JavaScript, to help improve the experience on your page, as most media forms use JavaScript to run.

Progressive Web Apps: – PWA makes the user experience on your website as though using a specialised app for it. It makes the website much simpler to use and less complex in functions.

SEO only for Google?

Don’t be a frog in a well. There are numerous alternatives for Google, which people use. Bing, Safari, DuckDuckGo, etc., which people often use. Broaden your SEO for other alternative search engines too.

These are a few of the most popular trends adopted by the most successful websites. Following these may not be easy, may require a team even, lastly but eventually, these efforts will raise your webpage on the search engines’ top recommendations.

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