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The Best Chrome Extensions for e-Learning

The Best Chrome Extensions for e-Learning | Tech 4 Educators

The Best Chrome Extensions for e-Learning

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. Much of its success is due to the many extensions and easy customization which allows us a more comfortable and adaptable navigation to suit each user.

Some of the extensions of Chrome usable for our use in the educational field, are a great ally in e-learning, optimizing techniques or facilitating certain actions. Below I present my list with the best extensions of Chrome for e-Learning.

The Best Chrome Extensions for e-Learning

Full Page Screen Capture

I am aware that you have used the famous PrintPant button on your keyboard or have used a program or tool to make your screenshots.

We have all needed it sometime. And of all those times, how many times did you need to decrease the zoom of the screen to capture all the information you needed? Or have you needed a couple or three of captures to capture everything you needed?

This extension of Chrome will be of great help in these cases, makes a capture of the entire web page that you are in, not only what your screen allows you to see.

Google Translate

We all know Google Translate and even the teachers of English and French have used it (hahaha), use it or use it.

With this extension of Google Chrome, you only need to mark with the cursor the word or words to translate. The translation will be generated automatically without the need to change the screen. You can also do as follows, right click and then click Translate into Spanish.

Office Edition

This extension allows you to view and edit any Microsoft Word, Power Point or Excel document without having Office installed. It allows quick resolution of incompatibility problems due to the lack of Office.

Any document can be opened in Chrome and we will visualize it in Documents, Sheets or presentations. And, therefore, it allows collaborative editing.

Adblock Plus

When I have to share a class or paper and I need to show a website, it is extremely unfortunate that it is full of advertising. It distracts not only the one who teaches, but it can mislead the audience.

Adblock plus solves this problem. Just by installing the extension you can remove all advertising from any page opened with Google Chrome.


How many times have you found an article, image or video that you thought was interesting but you forgot or did not have time to save it? How many times have you tried, in addition, to look for it again without success? It happens to all of us and we do not learn.

Pocket is the convenient solution. Installing the extension for Chrome you can save anything you want to then in a single click. To visualize it is enough to access through your app.

PlayTo for Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast and use it both in a classroom and in a personal capacity, you need this extension. Detect content that you might want to send to your Chromecast and generate a button to send it directly.

Select and Speak

Essential in classrooms with students with special abilities. It is necessary to disclose the use of this extension (or similar) as one of the multiple routes to make distance learning accessible to students with vision difficulties. This extension converts text into voice, allowing you to customize the type of voice and language.

Save to Google Drive

Many schools use Google Drive. Many teachers recommend its use for collaborative work. And, in addition, many LMS environments allow to integrate Drive.

The vast majority of users download the documents or images they want to share in Drive and then upload them to the corresponding folder. Or make GDocs with a multitude of links to pages and videos.

Chrome Extension allows you to save web content in Drive with a couple of clicks. That is why it is very important to have this extension.


Attractive extension that allows you to create questionnaires around any web content, such as the information of a certain page or a YouTube video. This extension is very useful to make a videoconference or participatory classroom or to gamify the classroom.

Real time Board

It allows you to create a board where you can order screenshots, ideas or deferred tasks to be able to visualize them all at a single glance. It allows you to get a global view of a topic or to-do list with few clicks.

Study App

This extension allows the teacher to establish tasks for each student and control the progression of the same. All this in a simple but effective way. So it is useful when it is not possible (or not necessary) to have an LMS.

Awesome Screenshot

One of the most complete extensions I know to take screenshots. Capture the entire screen or the fragment you indicate. It allows to edit the obtained images, adding annotations in a comfortable and fast way. And, in addition, it allows to make screen recordings in video.

Window Resizer

We do not all have the same screen resolution; so we do not all see the contents of a website in the same way. More than one teacher becomes disturbed to understand why that student can not see the content correctly, but others do.

Not always, of course, but sometimes it’s just a screen resolution problem. This extension allows you to emulate any screen resolution.

Google Classroom

There are so many study centers using Google Classroom and its use is so advantageous, that an extension that facilitates things could not be missing. This Chrome extension allows you to add any content to Google Classroom quickly.


This Chrome extension allows you to add a double check to your messages in Gmail. Yes, it is what you imagine, lets you know if a message has been received (first check) and read (second check).

So far my repertoire of the best Chrome extensions. If you want to download some of them you can do it from the Web Store.

Do you think I missed an extension? Do you have indecisions about how any of them works? Leave us your comment, and accounts that this list appeared with the best Chrome Extensions for e-learning.

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