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The Integration of LKT in Education

Integration of LKT in Education | Tech 4 Educators

The Integration of LKT in Education

The Integration of LKT in Education

The Meaning of LKT, on the one hand, we are aware that they are Cooperative Learning Technologies, and on the other it refers to Learning and Knowledge Technologies (for us, the latter). That is why they involve ICT as a more methodological and necessary element for meaningful learning to be generated; that is, technologies are aimed at the service of learning and the acquisition of knowledge. This example of technologies bets on a more personalized learning environment, where students are interpreters of their knowledge.

Likewise, at present, new advances in technology have been developed, which has caused the methods and tools for the study to be in contact with growth and renewal, in order to achieve greater learning and better knowledge in the issues that generate interest.

The LKT try to guide information and communication technologies (ICT). Towards a more figurative uses; both for the student and for the educator, in order to learn more and better. The idea is to have a special influence on the methodology, on the use of technology. It is about being blunt in knowing and exploring the possible didactic uses that ICTs have for learning and teaching. That is to say, the TAC go further to learn exclusively to use the ICT and bet to investigate these technological tools to the provision of learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

But what are LKT?

Considering first that since the emergence of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), which has been a predominant aspect of the information culture; in the evolution of the usual tools in all our areas of daily life; in the way of relating to each other and in the way we access joint information to knowledge.

This is how the knowledge acquired through technology, has managed to be called LKT, which allow us a better use of ICT in education. These ICT and LKT; They have opened a new horizon for teachers, and bringing educational systems, new educational content, and therefore appropriate methodologies that affect the teaching-learning processes. In order to guarantee quality education and training to future citizens, so that it is as immediate as possible to the reality of digital natives. It is necessary to emphasize the relevance of digital educational content and its incorporation into classrooms.

That is why, when using LKT, multiple advantages are obtained, which allow rapid intellectual growth, but in turn may have some disadvantages. So now you will be wondering what these advantages and disadvantages are, then read on so you know them.

LKT Advantages

  • It allows more formative uses for the student population to their teachers, this is because they take full advantage of technology resources.
  • There is a greater use of educational methodologies, in addition to which more can be incorporated.
  • Being able to learn much more information in a better way and with better quality.

Disadvantages of LKT

  • Sometimes you can interrupt the usual interaction of competitions in the classroom.
  • Once the advantages and disadvantages of the TAC are visualized, it is easy to realize that the advantages are greater, so implementing the Technologies of Learning and Knowledge in the educational environment is feasible and necessary for the development of current education.

But how are LKT different from ICT?

It should be noted that although both are responsible for facilitating study methodologies, both differ in the way they implement it. At least, ICTs are based on using didactic modes of learning and teaching, while TACs are focused on learning in a new way the tools of ICT and thoroughly exploring these technological tools for the development of knowledge and learning .

Therefore, it should be mentioned again that technology plays an important role in the development and use of LKT, so there are several tools that allow its use in our daily lives. For example;

  • Logistic supports, such as Google Docs or Box.
  • Video supports, such as YouTube.
  • Social Networks, from Linkedin to Facebook.
  • Digital books as e-books.
  • Among others.

Although, you will surely say that you already know all those tools, but that you do not know how to use them and give them maximum potential as a teacher, well the first thing you should take into account is that you must use ICT in different categories to be able to facilitate the process of the LKT.

By carrying out the above, you can make your classroom a pleasant, comfortable and innovative place for students, since accepting various opinions, offering autonomy in self-learning, facilitating communication between both parties (understand as student-teacher) and teamwork on assignments of daily life, will ensure greater knowledge and better quality.

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