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Understand the Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Importance of Artificial Intelligence | Tech 4 Educators

Understand the Importance of Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about artificial intelligence (AI) comes the image of a robot replacing the human being in a certain activity. But it is not only in automation that it presents itself. Many may not realize it, but AI is in our most ordinary activities. Do you know the smartphone spell checker that completes the words and phrases you type most often? This is AI. The machine learns from the user’s habits and comes to understand which words are most used, making the suggestions.

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the ability of devices to reason, decide and solve problems. And some already act autonomously, that is, they do not need human supervision – such as cars that do not require a driver, for example. Intelligent machines can process a large amount of data that a person cannot do. In this way, they are taking on repetitive activities that do not require empathy or creativity – human qualities that a robot cannot supply.

Understand the Importance of Artificial Intelligence

An experiment was recently released that analyzed the authors psychographed by Chico Xavier. The books were evaluated by a program that showed that each had their own writing style. This is also AI. Another example was a Google announcement that it was possible to diagnose breast cancer using deep learning to analyze thousands of cancer cell images and recognize the patterns.

In companies, artificial intelligence has been making processes more agile and effective. A study by consultancy BCC Research found that investments in the sector should total US $ 15.2 billion in 2019, which represents an average annual growth of around 20%. There are companies that have been using this technology in the human resources area, evaluating candidates and listing those most likely to succeed according to the team profile. With this resume screening, recruiters can focus on the other stages of the hiring process.

Chatbots are being used in customer service and are also the result of artificial intelligence. In finance, AI helps you make smarter, faster decisions even with many variables, as it benefits from the ability to process and analyze large amounts of data.

From time to time technological developments change society, changing our daily lives, the way we communicate and the functions performed in companies. We are going through a moment of disruption. Sci-fi movies made us believe that artificial intelligence was far away and when it came true, it would take our place, with human-shaped robots endowed with an intelligence we can never reach. But this technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, supporting us and showing that man and machine need not differ.

The impact of artificial intelligence and the use of personal data on Brazilian politics and the judiciary was debated this Monday, 7, at the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation, in São Paulo. For an audience of about 80 people, the speakers were concerned about the proliferation of false information that could have a decisive impact on electoral elections around the world and discussed proposals.

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